LAMP Developer: PHP, MySQL, Joomla, WordPress

Hi my name is Anton,

I am looking for tolerant and intelligent business owners in the sphere of marketing.

You will have client websites with international businesses and you will be facing tough challenges and problems to overcome:

  • general PHP fixes - data porting, cleaning
  • website back office integration
  • international content team operations with many websites
  • website features such as product matrix JQuery/Ajax searching
  • mathematical and statistical data analysis
  • slow websites needing better database design
  • dual server custom hosting solutions with integrated backup
  • etc...

I have about 20-30 hours per month to take on additional commitments.

Churning out standard local websites is of no interest to me. This is not my speciality because I solve problems where added value is delivered through innovation. So have you: 'tried to outsource your website problem and waited over a year for nothing to be delivered?' Not me, I see problems and their solution.

This is a limited offer of time normally committed on a fixed price contract basis. If you want a full time person then I'm not your person. I honour the commitments and people who trust in me so I have no inclination or time to be an employee.

My expectations are high and I am very 'unique'. It will take time to develop any relationship of trust. Should you have nasty and complex problems others find difficult then I seem to solve them in a few days. In my 25+ years of IT development this has happened to me over and over again. I level cleaver people to get into a tangle of knots because 'my way' has a complex understanding which often becomes uniquely simple.

Please note: No agents, done that and got the tee shirt.

Should there be a conflict of interest then I will respectfully decline any offer.

So get in contact if you have real website problems with real issues.

20-30 hours: When it's gone it's gone.

People benefit 100 fold from knowing me and what I do.

Kind regards,

Anton Hinxman