International publication systems

Using RSS feeds for master-target publication systems?

There maybe something you are missing when considering and designing your publication systems.

When a website consumes RSS feeds it has little interaction, or edit requirement, with regard to the articles being generated by the feed. This is the normal situation of a lone one or two websites which are trying to boost their content to increase their visitor browsing time. In some circumstances the accumulation of feeds increases SEO but this is less so these days after Panda.

Single websites doing the above are normally struggling and going for a cheap boost- that's fair enough but it is the cheaper end of the market.

Larger websites have master parent publishing content needs. The parent website publishes and gives its controlled content to child websites.  This happens internationally across time zones. Smaller local teams then start to work on the content given by the parent website.

The parent, or master, website need never be seen by the public. It's a back office administration website full of licence collaboration content which is approved and administered for worldwide distribution.

The Joomla way to achieve this, without structural changes, is to use the last updated time stamp and always export the master 'last updated time' as default/blank. If the local user modifies the imported article taken from the master then the local database has a proper new last updated time. The master export then detects the local update and does not overwrite the local version because the local version has taken ownership of the content.  You can also use the content xreference column to back refer to the master content id value from which the target article was created.

When it comes to images then the master image can have areas of local language which might express symbols such as currency and price. When the master import image copy sees an image file name that's the same then it simply holds off from replacing it or looks at the time and date of the file creation.

Master-slave (or to be politically correct Master-Target) systems have not been achieved by others. MultiSites has an article sharing system which takes the Joomla router request and back refers to the original article in the master website. It's a kind of website article B request gives you original article A in the master website but the user of the website never sees how this is done - the content is simply fished out of the master database.

Other solutions have website duplication systems which work from day zero but the spawned website is independent.

Another solution has websites looking different by amending the configuration.php file so that domains can be parked on top of each other over the same file area. This is a bad idea with all your eggs in one basket and with the code bloating and potentially clashing between different websites using the same core files - same risk in MultiSites.

When you look at your next system export/import publication design you should have consideration for larger websites that are richer in money and want to publish to smaller satellite (target) websites.


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