Domainmonster- Down

Domain Host Failed?

Having a web server - such things happen from time to time, you loose revenue.  Naturally, for an internet problem you search on the internet for the answer.  The answer is not to be found on the internet.

The hosting company for 100s of thousands of sites has just failed, their telephone switchboard will have melted with the number of support calls.  The email servers will also have failed because the servers directing traffic to them were probably the main cause.  The hardware could have failed simply because the copper price is high and an attempted theft causes the optical fibre links to be savagely cut.  There are 1001 reasons for total and unanticipated failure.

Let's see things calmly and accept for a moment that things can go wrong. The real issue is one of backup, not backup of the server but backup of your website hosting files and data.  You know what I am going to say... yes, you don't have a real backup do you?

Well next time the 'domainmonster down' situation strikes you will have a backup and still you may still be stranded, why?

There are a few people are able to wait for their website hosting data center to be back up and functioning however you might imagine in a different way with back-up servers available.

If you wished to immediately re-host you may restore you data back-up and you can restore your internet site files. This is very well however now you have to switch the DNS server addresses away from your current hosting provider and onto your back-up servers.  Where is the administration screen display for your DNS host settings - Domain Monster perhaps and these systems are also down!  You discover that you're locked into utilizing the web servers that are down.

Never have the identical provider of domain registration with the same people as your hosting company.  

They are going to be on the similar servers and once 1 server is not functioning your have no alternative options to move servers. Having the similar provider for your hosting as well as domain administration is an extremely awful choice since you loose your last re-hosting choice to get your website installed and operating again.

Having both eggs in the same basket cuts off your final option to get your web-site running and hosted again.

You loose revenue when your domain is down and it is also loosing page rank as Google will see that the web-site is down and your quality score will also be decreased.


It actually doesn't matter if your web site is hosted with domainmonster or another provider but one thing is for sure: the hosting company should not also be providing the administration panel of your domain registration.  If you host and register in the same place then you have removed your final and ultimate re-host fix.  You have no final option to resolve the problem which may cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars in lost sales.

It is very important that the hosting company must not also be offering the administration panel of your domain sign up. If you have domain administration and website hosting with the same provider then you'll have removed your final fix to re-host and this can cost you thousands and thousands of down time lost sales or Google ranking reputation.