Website developers should care about websites, brands and reputation

Milton Keynes website developers should care about precisely what is spoken of in their name?

Website developers should always care about their on-page SEO website content but Google word association goes beyond web site back linking into website branding and the connection between words themselves.

Almost all SEO experts will say that website back linking provides website popularity and will infer benefit to your website. This is quite true but it also misses out on an important and growing trend in Google. Google understands words in advanced methods so that 'installer' is understood as 'fitter' but it goes much further any simple thesaurus method. Your company's contact number is connected with your service. True, try a pay per click keyword search for your company's main phone number. Look at the relevant keywords being connected by Google itself when you simply search for your organization telephone number. A thesaurus can not do this, it is a deeper word association and branding employed by Google itself for your website.

Just how can Google connect your main company phone number with your services?

Very few internet sites link on their telephone phone number so let's immediately move away from the notion that linking is the begin and end of all SEO optimisation. SEO optimisation utilizes word association and precisely how the words are commonly used together with words for instance your telephone number. This is why you must be extremely worried about what is said in your own name and why you need to manage the content copy of your promotional articles.

Outsourcing is not really a bad thing in itself. The world wide web is built upon the idea of equality and equality to market and to publicise oneself. All of us benefit from the development of emerging economies. The key issue is to handle what is spoken in your own name as well as where it is spoken. To do this you must build relationships of monitored trust under tight contractual terms.

Your race to market could be your own downfall?

Do not allow short term market domination goals to undermine your principles and the things you stand for. If you permit others to use your name then you will be placing a valuable trust in their services since you risk your reputation or brand name with them. You risk loosing everything if you loose advantageous Google brand word associations connected with your proven brand name.

Think of it this way; your company as well as its phone number are already on the web even if you don't have a website. The relationship of brand and purpose already exists with your organisation's name and your product names. Now you use them on your new internet site so Google comes along and gives your website marks for relevance with ranking prominence as well as reputation. If you loose control of your words, together with your branding online, then you definitely will have already weakened any company website either now or later on.

Milton Keynes web developers should concentrate on their on-page SEO website content so that Google can verify other off-page content as being relevant. Links and word associations will then pass back relevance onto your MK website being developed and back linked.

Next time an outsourcing sales person pushes SEO solutions to you, while only understanding keyword linking, you simply follow your gut instinct and put the phone down - it really is the safer option.


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