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LAMP Developer: PHP, MySQL, Joomla, WordPress

Hi my name is Anton,

I am looking for tolerant and intelligent business owners in the sphere of marketing.

You will have client websites with international businesses and you will be facing tough challenges and problems to overcome:

  • general PHP fixes - data porting, cleaning
  • website back office integration
  • international content team operations with many websites
  • website features such as product matrix JQuery/Ajax searching
  • mathematical and statistical data analysis
  • slow websites needing better database design
  • dual server custom hosting solutions with integrated backup
  • etc...

I have about 20-30 hours per month to take on additional commitments.

Churning out standard local websites is of no interest to me. This is not my speciality because I solve problems where added value is delivered through innovation. So have you: 'tried to outsource your website problem and waited over a year for nothing to be delivered?' Not me, I see problems and their solution.

This is a limited offer of time normally committed on a fixed price contract basis. If you want a full time person then I'm not your person. I honour the commitments and people who trust in me so I have no inclination or time to be an employee.

My expectations are high and I am very 'unique'. It will take time to develop any relationship of trust. Should you have nasty and complex problems others find difficult then I seem to solve them in a few days. In my 25+ years of IT development this has happened to me over and over again. I level cleaver people to get into a tangle of knots because 'my way' has a complex understanding which often becomes uniquely simple.

Please note: No agents, done that and got the tee shirt.

Should there be a conflict of interest then I will respectfully decline any offer.

So get in contact if you have real website problems with real issues.

20-30 hours: When it's gone it's gone.

People benefit 100 fold from knowing me and what I do.

Kind regards,

Anton Hinxman

Web Design In Milton Keynes

Web Design In Milton Keynes Provides Power E-Commerce Web Sites With SEO Content Material Optimisation And Networking Productivity

Website designers in Milton Keynes develop websites effectively since Google values fast loading website pages for a much better surfing experience by the web users. This is certainly true of e-commerce web sites wanting high SEO rankings and also websites looking to reduce their AdWords Pay Per Click costs.


Surely you could make the Milton Keynes web site just from text content material with some graphics, small script simple text links. This is the way the world wide web began but this kind of websites could be hard for people to visualise, understand and get around. Google also assesses these quality aspects. A highly efficient and text only web site would not have the ability to carry indicators to being a high quality experience. You require moderate usage of graphics and the appropriate design of menus to be an excellent website.

Virtually any well built and fully optimised e-commerce website design can answer the enquiries or problems of its target market and this agrees with Google sending web traffic to your highly converting web site. Good web user experience will translate into sales and the Google search engine benefits from happy user experiences with the ultimate outcome being your product sales. Website quality causes the search engines and your website to be simultaneously benefiting each other.

A lot is spoken about link building and SEO. Since so much money results from getting in high ranking positions so a lot of the things you hear are pandering to greed or quick fix outcomes. It is far better to maintain your principles and maintain a cool head. Stay with your website principles and you will probably build unique content. You have to build unique quality content and get appropriate authority back links from good sources associated with your industry or profession.

The approach to building quality and high ranking Milton Keynes web sites is not an easy undertaking when the competition is very high. Any Milton Keynes business will have to undertake promotion to have the ability to establish its brand and image in the market. This is standard practice outside the internet and is the expected fingerprint activity of a good website being promoted. In case your website did not carry out SEO promotion to gain links then your professional e-commerce website could be viewed as a hobby website. Simply don't overdo this back linking promotional exercise because it can be deemed as spam linking.

The growth of any website is apparent in its pertinent and unique content development. Such content growth also develops external organic and natural backlinks. The website has to be well built to be effective and offer proper control for all web visitors be they: blind, partly sighted, using a mobile web browser or even the new iPad and Android browsers.

Content material growth of any popular website should come from multiple authors backed by Google profiles or authority within the market. A persons name or even the business telephone number becomes related to words used in your industry. Visit Google AdWords Pay Per Click and key in your business phone number and observe what Google thinks it is linked to - interesting results can be found by simply doing this. This kind of word associations carry more authority and this results stronger links back to your website. Every unique word and phrase has its word associations.

To conclude, SEO consultancy is a technical understanding of web design in Milton Keynes to gain web efficiency and also an understanding of marketing and sales conversion. The problem is to find a marketing consultancy with an understanding of both whilst so much is spoken in terms of achieving temporary goals and quick fixes.

As a business professional, with a website, it is just a matter of choosing a web designer you can have confidence in and talk to. If you can communicate well with the nominated Milton Keynes SEO consultancy then they can service your requirements better by communicating your website aims and principles.

Attributes Of A Talented Milton Keynes Web Designer

Milton Keynes web design can help you have a successful profession.

Skilled Milton Keynes web designers can add value in many ways to your website. For some web designers this will just involve only logical aspects while for others it will be artistic. Creative MK web design employs the skills and language of graphic design.

To get a good website visual appeal any Milton Keynes web designer first needs to listen to the aims of their customers. They must understand and translate such objectives into a proper graphical and navigational website arrangement. Many business website proprietors will be unable to directly designate their brand image but they will still have their individual feel for what is good and corresponds. The skill of an ingenious web designer is to understand and pick-up on these unknown and unspoken creative factors.

Just about all websites operate in a wonderful market. All website therefore have to operate at the edge of their technological capability so an in depth knowledge in web design is usually needed. Use of web design productivity gear will save time. Likewise, when creative demands control, your web designer must have the capacity to understand and manage low level coding to achieve a superior website.

Websites do not stand alone in their approach to market. Internet sites are communication tools with linked affiliate websites and advertising content needs. Modern day designers must integrate and supply the requires of email marketing, twitter rss feeds, affiliate banners, lead content publishers and data for marketing agents or simply supervision of outsourcing. Simple web design with front end advancement abilities soon develops into requiring project management and team competencies.

The key capabilities, for even a junior web developer, will encompass;

  • The designing, development and setting up of website content material
  • Designing and growth of affiliate advertising banners to sustain online branding
  • Designing, improvement of HTML marketing e-mail
  • Design of offline marketing materials with labeling requirements
  • Coding within website WC3 standards for availability and to meet legal requirements
  • Upholding and most likely developing the branding of their customer
  • Keeping updated with the latest website innovations, tools and alternative technologies

Communication and marketing requires now calls for a new approach to web design with a focus upon graphical creative flair and verbal interaction skills. The complexity of highly integrated internet sites usually demands an intelligence normally showcased by designers holding a degree level qualification.

Frequently websites can outgrow the functionality of their designers. Knowledge is needed to make certain that proper measures are put in place to deal with growth, identify what is imperative and to attend to it. A lot of people can claim to design a website but few are competent at growing and maintaining a prosperous website.

True talent and imaginative flair is scarce and valuable. A resourceful designer will be able to bargain a proper understanding of original website needs and develop those demands through the life cycle of a website. To get this complete life cycle of development web companies will need to be:

  • Highly competent in hand coding of HTML/XHTML & CSS/CSS2
  • Able to use and adjust Javascript/JQuery & Flash action script
  • Well-informed of graphic/web design applications such as Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver
  • Considerate and recognising website SEO, usability and accessibility difficulties


Website development goes beyond tech requirements into marketing, style and PR so above everything else MK web developers must have the capacity to listen to their clients necessities and communicate them.

SEO website design

Consider that you are selling the service to fit domestic window blinds.  You know your local market and are you are making some profit.  You look to the internet to expand upon this market but you don't know where to start.  Experience will tell you that you are looking for middle income new home owners or people who can not sell their current home and prefer to invest in an upgrade.


If your website is new then your trading name may not be known online.  You must then ask yourself 'What do people search for and how do I get my website to be found in Milton Keynes for these search phrases.'  This sounds too obvious but often it is a process of: good website planning, discovery, feedback and adaption.  If you forward planned your entire website from day one then you will not benefit from feedback and adaption and you may not be able to reach or retain your commercial targets.

A website lives and changes according to your needs.  Simply having the best looking websites means 'simply having the best looking website' and this is all.  You must adapt to expand and survive in business.  Your new website priority is to gather data by approaching market then offer a design which matches the expectations of your new website visitors.  By having a 'living and changing website' you can develop and online brand using a stepped approach.  A brand image which matches your online visitor profile.  You online visitor profile and expectations will differ greatly from your existing local client profiles.  You may not be able to repeat what you do in an offline business by simply putting your business online.  You have to approach things as you find them and adapt your website to what you find.


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