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Consider that you are selling the service to fit domestic window blinds.  You know your local market and are you are making some profit.  You look to the internet to expand upon this market but you don't know where to start.  Experience will tell you that you are looking for middle income new home owners or people who can not sell their current home and prefer to invest in an upgrade.


If your website is new then your trading name may not be known online.  You must then ask yourself 'What do people search for and how do I get my website to be found in Milton Keynes for these search phrases.'  This sounds too obvious but often it is a process of: good website planning, discovery, feedback and adaption.  If you forward planned your entire website from day one then you will not benefit from feedback and adaption and you may not be able to reach or retain your commercial targets.

A website lives and changes according to your needs.  Simply having the best looking websites means 'simply having the best looking website' and this is all.  You must adapt to expand and survive in business.  Your new website priority is to gather data by approaching market then offer a design which matches the expectations of your new website visitors.  By having a 'living and changing website' you can develop and online brand using a stepped approach.  A brand image which matches your online visitor profile.  You online visitor profile and expectations will differ greatly from your existing local client profiles.  You may not be able to repeat what you do in an offline business by simply putting your business online.  You have to approach things as you find them and adapt your website to what you find.


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