Attributes Of A Talented Milton Keynes Web Designer

Attributes of talented Milton Keynes web design and what makes a good Web Designer?.

Talented Milton Keynes web designers can contribute in many ways to your website. For some web designers this will simply involve only technical skills while for others it will be creative. Creative MK web design uses the skills and language of graphic design.

To achieve a good website look and feel any Milton Keynes web designer first needs to listen to the aims of their clients. They must interpret and transform such aims into a suitable graphical and navigational website layout. Many business website owners will be unable to directly specify their brand image but they will still have their own feel for what is good and fits. The skill of a creative web designer is to understand and pick-up on these unspecified and unspoken creative aspects.

Nearly all websites operate in a competitive market. All website therefore need to operate at the edge of their technical capability so an in depth knowledge in web design is always needed. Use of web design productivity tools will save time. Equally, when creative demands dictate, your web designer must be able to understand and cope with low level coding to achieve better results.

Websites do not stand alone in their approach to market. Websites are communication tools with associated affiliate websites and promotional content needs. Modern day designers need to integrate and supply the needs of email marketing, twitter feeds, affiliate banners, lead content authors and data for marketing agents or simply management of outsourcing. Simple web design with front end development skills soon develops into needing project management and team skills.

The key skills, for even a junior web developer, will include;

  • The designing, development and building of website content
  • Designing and development of affiliate advertising banners to support online branding
  • Designing, development of HTML marketing email
  • Design of offline marketing resources with branding requirements
  • Working within website WC3 guidelines for accessibility and to meet legal requirements
  • Upholding and perhaps developing the branding of their client
  • Keeping up to date with the latest website developments, tools and technologies

Communication and marketing needs now demands a new approach to web design with an emphasis upon graphical creative flair and verbal communication skills. The complexity of highly integrated websites usually demands an intelligence normally demonstrated by designers holding a degree level qualification.

All too often websites can outgrow the capability of their designers. Experience is needed to ensure that proper measures are put in place to handle growth, identify what is important and to attend to it. Many people can claim to design a website but few are capable of growing and maintaining a successful website.

True talent and creative flair is scarce and valuable. A creative designer will be able to negotiate a proper understanding of original website requirements and develop those requirements through the life cycle of a website. To achieve this complete life cycle of development web developers will need to be:

  • Highly skilled in crafting HTML/XHTML & CSS/CSS2
  • Able to exploit and modify Javascript/JQuery & Flash action script
  • Knowledgeable of graphic/web design tools such as Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver
  • Embarrassing of change and understanding website SEO, usability and accessibility issues


Website development goes beyond technical requirements into marketing, creative flare and PR so above all else MK web developers must be able to listen to their clients needs and communicate them.