Website Header Design

Is your website header design important?

Website header design is not just important but vital as your first impression.  Only the first third of a normal web page is usually viewed or read so in terms of their visual impact headers are critically important.  The header can take up a substantial portion of this critical visual space and it stands as your invitation to read further as well as a promotional banner or perhaps a branding style statement.

Get your header graphics wrong and your visitors will reject your web page and click their browser back button to return to the search results.  This is measured in Google analytics as the 'bounce rate'.  If you perform split testing then it is well worth running an A-B trial and just testing the change of the graphic website header. The bounce rate in itself is likely to be used by Google as a critical website visitor voting indicator of your website quality.

Frankly, your website header is critical and one of the simplest things you can change on your website.

How can you change your website header graphics?

Firstly, you must decide upon the style or branding you wish to portray.  It is very risky to diverge from colour theory which normally means 'look at your best competitors' and see how they are using their colours. Colour theory is defined by the measurement of primary colours but there is an abstract and emotional theory behind the use of such colours. These abstract emotional colour theories are equally proven with measurable responses when trialled against website visitors so you ignore such guidance at your peril.

  • Are they subtle or bold?
  • What kind of colours are they using?
  • How solid and stable do you wish to appear:
    • Solicitors: Grey, deep blue or solid colours of consideration and reflection
    • Accountants: Green, mild yellow, gentle greys
    • Media Dynamic: Fancy design, flowing bright colours, simple bright flowing colours in the best websites
    • Manufacturing / Warehouse: Simple block style, not very creative and more like an information listing with a technology background
  • Red: Never use except for offer highlights or as a complete red racing type theme.


This is a very simple way of looking at things and a true graphics designer, working within a style brief, may break all the rules to create something outstanding as a visual communication tool.  People who have already started to do this should will know their 'pan colours' from the selected pallet of designer colours but you may need these colours to be matched by RGB colour codes for your website header.  Don't worry too much about this, simply ask your web designer or graphics designer.

Use this header advice to help with your website SEO

If you need to make a leading statement such as your trade name, for example 'Aztec Consultants', then you can have this statement in graphic text rather than in leading text words of your website.  This helps with your website SEO.  You should not get too hung up on doing this because Google will catch on and understand that 'Aztec Consultants Ltd' are web designers by word association.