Website security; Why & what are the risks?

Why would anyone want to hack your website?

make your website secure and safe to retain your Google ranking.

This would appear to be a very naive question to ask or an easy question to answer.

Are these hackers smart kids or frustrated armature web programmers and can website hacking do damage to your Google ranking?

Again another naive misconception commonly banded about by the media.  The issue of site hacking goes beyond childish pranks or teenage adolescent behaviour. This is pro organised money making and criminal activity so the question of website security and hacking deserves a proper answer.

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How secure should your website be?

Who knows how to protect your website from virus threats?

Why have good website security and how secure should it be?

More is at stake than you first imagine once your web site security fails. It is so easy to loose a fantastic SEO ranking position as a result of security breaches created by unprofessional website developers.

It is so easy to loose a good SEO ranking position due to security breaches. Let's be clear about this; your excellent website ranking search position may cost you a large fortune in time or money and may be worth many sales or prospects and subsequent revenue. This is at risk; 100% of it, every little thing, even loyal consumers, ALL at risk! This is no marketing scare story since I have personally been fortunate to benefit from someone's lapse in website security. They were doing well in Google, at the number one spot, until they could not control a virus getting onto their web-server and their site went down like a burning plane. My site was just below theirs so I knew just how much this actually hurt them in the pocket!

Poor website security would mean:

  • Lost ranking
  • Lost business reputation
  • Lost markets

How can these lapses in security occur?

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